Including country codes in the phone numbers within your PMS reservations is highly recommended.  To ensure the guest’s information is added to OpenKey HOST properly and they receive their mobile key, best practice is to add the +country code to every reservation prior to submitting the check-in.

When OpenKey HOST receives the guest’s information, the phone number must be validated before a mobile key can be issued.  Here is the process the platform goes through in order to validate the phone number:

  • HOST tries to validate the phone number as it is entered in the PMS, assuming the first 1-3 numbers is a country code
  • If that fails, HOST will prepend a “+1” and try again
  • If that fails, HOST will erase the “+1”, prepend a “+”, and try again
  • If that fails, HOST rejects the phone number and the guest is NOT added to OpenKey HOST

SCENARIO: If a guest has a US phone number 662 XXX XXXX (Mississippi), but the +1 is not included, HOST may read that phone number as +66 XXXX XXXX, which is the country code and phone number format for Thailand.