Yes!  As of July 1, 2019, you can export usage reports from OpenKey HOST.  

Log into with your Manager- or Owner-level credentials.  Front desk agents do not have access to this section. 

Click on the REPORT tab on the left-hand side of the HOST platform. Click FILTER REPORT to select the dates for which you want to pull numbers. 

Once you have the appropriate date range set, click SUBMIT. 

  • Daily - Will show you mobile keys by day for the selected date range.
  • Monthly - Will show you totals for each month selected.
  • Yearly - Will show you each year's totals. 

Scroll down to see the numbers pulled for your selected date range.  Each section - Reservations & Sessions - will have their own EXPORT button.  

Click EXPORT, and an Excel spreadsheet will download automatically.  

The export will look similar to this: