Before retrieving logs, you must first make your BLE Setup card.


Each user will have their own personal login credentials provided. You can double click the software icon (Fig. 1) from the desktop to launch and use your respective credentials to login to the system as shown in Fig. 2

Figure 1  Entrava icon


Figure 2 -  Login screen

Issuing a BLE Set-up Card:

BLE set-up cards are required to program a lock.  Follow the steps below to create a BLE setup card (Fig. 3):

1. Navigate to "Room setting" tab

2. Click "BLE set-up"

3. Place a new card on the encoder

4. Click “Issue card” button to issue a BLE setup card


Figure 3 - BLE Set-up Card

You are now ready to retrieve logs with your mobile device.


Download the ImGATE STAFF app from the Android PlayStore (Android device is required).

Use assigned credentials to login (provided by OpenKey)
Password: ****

Press Login – if credentials have been entered correctly you will see a “welcome” text appear on your screen.

After logging in successfully, you will now see the options that follow:

- Install
- Staff Mobile Key
- Door lock Log

 You will want to select “Door Lock Log” to begin the retrieval of logs.

*Note: Before continuing to the next step, verify that your programming device has Bluetooth enabled. 

Once you select “Door Lock Log,” a new screen will appear.

Your list of room numbers, along with the associated floor, will appear.

You will see “Recent” and “Total” next to each room that has had keys issued to them before.

Recent will give you the most recent 100 logs.
Total will give you about 1300 recent logs.

At the Lock:

Take the “BLE Setup Card” that you created previously and present this card to the lock from which you retrieving logs.

Once you do so, the lock will begin to flash a blue light repeatedly. You have about 20 seconds to pull logs from the lock so select either “Recent” or “Total” within that time frame.

*Note: If lock stops flashing in the middle of programming this means the communication between device and lock has failed, and you need to begin the process over by presenting your BLE card to the lock again.

Once you see this screen, you will need to hold the device near the lock reader itself.

Once the lock and mobile device pairs via Bluetooth - you will feel the device vibrate.

You will then see a number appear as a percentage (ex. 25%, 45%) to show where you are in the process of extracting logs from the lock.

After a successful install, you will see “100% Completed” appear.

You can now press “OK” to view the logs for the lock.

If you press “Share” at the bottom of the screen when viewing the logs page, you can send out the copy of the logs via any communication method on your device.

Ex. E-mail, Print ( if connected to printer), Google drive, etc.