Yes!  Starting January 2020, you will now have the option to embed the Check-in Confirmation link to your existing pre-arrival communication (link available in the HOST platform within the Communications Tab)! 

This link will only be valid for your guests up to 24 hours prior to arrival, so be sure to send it no earlier than one day prior to arrival. 

This link will allow you to perfectly tailor your pre-arrival communication to include your branding, desired instructions, when the guest should expect to receive their key, etc.

When that generic link is clicked by a guest, the landing page will request that a guest provide their reservation confirmation number and last name to access the check-in confirmation portal.  However, you may have guests that book via a third party (OTA) like Expedia or  In this case, they probably only receive the confirmation number associated with the OTA.  To ensure the guest has access to the right confirmation number, best practice is to do one of the following:

  1. Include the PMS confirmation number in the same email, so the guest has it readily available
  2. Append the PMS confirmation number to the generic link for each guest – for example:

With option #2, the reservation number field would be automatically populated on the landing page, so guests would only need to provide their last name to access the portal.