OpenKey Support Policy

This outlines OpenKey's support structure and classifies issues into separate tiers based on urgency, technical requirements, and requester type. 


OpenKey offers the following products:

Tier 1 - End-user mobile application questions and general questions on functionality or access.

End-User Questions:  These issues are specifically related to guest-use and should be handled by the Hotel Staff. Examples include downloading the application, receiving/using a verification code, accessing the mobile key, navigating the app, adding shared guests, etc.  

Client Questions: OpenKey provides our clients with a detailed Knowledge Base to provide training and answer such frequently asked questions (FAQs).  If the client reaches out to Support for what is deemed as a Tier 1 issue, they will be referred back to our Knowledge Base.  

Tier 2 - Any issues resulting in disruptions in service to the property or substantial recurring malfunctions in the software.

These are issues that cannot be resolved by the Hotel Staff using information available in the Knowledge Base. 

Please see the table below for a list of examples of Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 support issues.

App user questions regarding permissions, mobile keys or app functionality, privacy policy, data usageX
Portal user questions regarding managing mobile keys, accessing/understanding reports, reviewing guest feedback, updating settings/hotel information, managing user access, etc.X
Hardware questions including programing, firmware updates, third-party key serversX
Basic troubleshooting for mobile key, web portal, or hardwareX
Hotel WiFi outagesX

OpenKey Virtual Private Network (VPN) outages
End-user requests for removal of their personal data per GDPR regulations

Customer development team questions regarding the Google Play and Apple Store submission process for SDK apps

User-facing products are offline or crashing for a significant number of users (OpenKey app, white label apps, SDK-based apps, web portal, or PMS/partner integrations)

Bug reports for OpenKey app, white label apps, SDK-based apps, web portal, or PMS/partner integrations

Hardware malfunctions warrantied by OpenKey


Severity Levels for Tier 2 Support Issues

There are three severity levels for Tier 2 support issues, as defined in the table below. Each severity level has response and resolution goals, which correspond to when OpenKey Support will respond to any client inquiries about the issue and to when we will aim to resolve the underlying problem.  "Peak Hours" are defined as Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm CT.  "Off Peak Hours" are defined as 8pm to 8am CT, Monday through Friday.  On weekends, our Support Representatives are available in case of emergencies by calling 1 (877) 800-2008.

A majority of guests are unable to download mobile keys (50% or more)Peak: 1 hour
Off Peak: 8 hours
Peak: 4 hours
Off Peak: 24 hours
OpenKey HOST is unavailable (excluding PMS integrations)Peak: 1 hour
Off Peak: 8 hours
Peak: 4 hours
Off Peak: 24 hours
2A significant number of guests are unable to download mobile keys (25% - 49%)4 business hours2 business days
2PMS integrations are non-functioning due to an OpenKey issue4 business hours2 business days
2OpenKey HOST has a bug, affecting mobile key delivery for all clients
4 business hours2 business days
3Updates to room mapping that require assistance from an OpenKey team member 4 business hours2 business days
3Certain live features are not functioning within the mobile apps 1 business day5 business days
3OpenKey HOST has a bug, affecting items outside mobile key delivery1 business day5 business days

*Note: In cases where OpenKey is dependent on a third party, it may not be feasible to resolve the root cause of a support problem per our resolution goal. Examples include PMS integration issues stemming outside OpenKey, third-party mobile key servers being offline, VPN disconnections in hotels that do not grant server access to OpenKey Support, or bug fixes that require a scheduled app or portal release. 

Continuous Monitoring

OpenKey monitors the stability of our production systems continuously through the following channels:

  1. Mobile apps: OpenKey uses analytics tools to monitor stability and crashes associated with mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. OpenKey HOST: user-facing products such as our web portal are built on cloud-based application and database systems with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Multiple senior developers are automatically notified of any downtime associated with these back-end systems, including on holidays and weekends. 
  3. Automated data monitoring: OpenKey has automated procedures in place, which are continually evolving, that process all the logs and data received by the servers to preemptively detect anomalous conditions that may indicate faults.

Contacting OpenKey

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