To view the pre-arrival email your hotel sends (or can send) through OpenKey, please follow these steps: 

Log into OpenKey HOST with your management credentials. 

This section allows hotels to send one-off emails to guests (or to themselves for testing purposes).  The reservation number is required and must not correlate to any bookings already in the system.  If you are testing, please use a reservation number that differs from your regular bookings (ex: TEST123456). 

1. Log into OpenKey HOST with your management credentials. 

2. Click on COMMUNICATIONS on the left-hand side of the screen. 

3. Enter the guest's information into the Communications Tab to receive the OpenKey Pre-Arrival email.  This email will allow the guest to submit a pre-arrival confirmation.

4. Type in all the required information. 

5. Click SEND EMAIL.

For information on the available email templates and activating/deactivating the Skip the Front Desk option, check out this article: Pre-Arrival Communication Email Template Options.