If a hotel is using Kaba BLE, their Kaba Services Manager must be running for mobile keys to be issued.  If guests are added to OpenKey HOST and receive an error when trying to download a key, the first step is to verify that the VPN is connected.  

1. On the key server computer, locate the Open VPN client icon in the task bar. The icon looks like this:
when it is disconnected and like this: when it is connected.

You may need to click the up carrot and hovering over the icons until you see one that says "OpenVPN GUI" (this will be locate on the top-right on a Mac).

2. Right-click on the icon and select CONNECT in the list of available options.

3. A popup will appear on the screen as the connection is being re-established.  While this is working, the VPN icon will glow yellow like this: 

4. Once the VPN is finished reconnecting, this window will disappear, and a popup will appear over the taskbar indicating that the connection has been made successfully.

5. Additionally, the VPN icon will then display a green color. 


7. Click STOP and wait until each row has a status of "Stopped".

8. Click START and wait until each row has a status of "Running".

These steps should clear out any issues with guests downloading the key.