Category: Staff MGMT ▶ Forbid card

  1. Staff MGMT → Forbid Card
  2. Select Type of card to register as lost card. (Master Card, Staff Card, Setup Card, Latest forbid card)
  3. Select Forbid Card from Issued Card List (Max. 16)
  4. Click [  〉] button to add to Forbid Card list
  5. Delete select or Delete All
  6. Click [Issue card]
  • Renew card: If you renew the card, you can’t use previous issued Master card and Forbid card.
  • Forbid card: To prevent using lost card, register it as forbid card. Issue forbid card and tap related door lock.
  • To register lost card as Forbid card, know card number or issue date.
  • Master Card: If there are no records for “Master card,” click [Renew Card] and then issue next Master Card by clicking [Issue Card] button.