“Help, I downloaded the app and it says there is no key” 

 The likely cause is that the guest has not been added to host  

  1. Confirm that the guest has checked in at the hotel 
    1. If not, 
      1. Advise the guest to complete that step at the hotel and the hotel will issue the key – Solution 
    2. If they have checked in,  
      1. If the hotel uses PMS integration, it’s possible that the phone number was not requested or received during registration 
        • Hotel will need to manually add the guest to host 
      2. If non-PMS it may have been a manual entry error with an incorrect phone number 
        • Hotel will need to remove and add the guest back again, updating the number will not re-issue the key  
  2. Check the hotel in staff/host for the guest.  
    1. If found in either host/staff, verify the phone number with the end user.  
      1. If the phone number is wrong the hotel will need to delete and add the guest again. (Updating the phone number will not reissue the key to the guest, they must be completely removed) 
      2. If the phone number is correct, guest will need to re-download and set up the app again.  
    2. If the guest is not found in staff or host, the hotel will need to manually add the end user to host. Inform guest you will call the hotel and see that that is done. Once complete, verify via staff/host and check in with the guest that they have received a key and their issue is resolved.