“I’ve received an error that says, 'We’re sorry we were not able to create your key.'”

Many causes possible, more information Is needed from the guest.  


Determine the hotel the guest is staying at and the lock type. 

  1. If the lock is using 3rd party BLE 
    1. Is the lock part of a system that uses VPN?  
      • Check if the VPN is functioning. *note if it is a Kaba system there can be extra complications -Refer to VPN/Kaba KBA- 
  2. If the lock is using a V2 module 
    1. Has the guest’s stay been extended/updated? 
      • A common error causes issues with getting a key if the guest misses the time window to download the updated key.  
        • The hotel needs to delete and re-add the guest to host with the correct check out date & time.  
  3. If none of the above has addressed the issue
    1. Check that the guest has all permissions enabled on their smartphone 
    2. Check if the guest is having connection issues 
      • How many bars of service do they have? 
      • Is hotel WIFI available?  

Escalate if none of the above have resolved the issue